Professional Tips to Dress Stylish and Stand Out in Races

Thought races are only about horses and placing bets? Nope. They also offer a chance to show off the unique tastes in fashion. Stevie Cape, a designer at the luxury shoe brand Terry de Havilland, is here to share a few tricks for putting together a standout look for the races this summer.

Horse Race
Horse Race

Make a statement with your shoes

Don’t underestimate the power of choosing the right pair of shoes to go with your race-day outfit. They can help to take your look to the next level and, if you’re looking to make a statement but don’t want to wander too far out of your comfort zone, opting for some show-stopping footwear could be the perfect solution.

When I talk about statement shoes, I don’t necessarily mean towering platforms or skyscraper stilettos. Statement shoes come in all shapes and sizes: a simple pair of pointed-toe court shoes in a colour that contrasts with your dress will definitely have an impact. Or, you could wear a relatively simple dress with some brightly coloured, patterned, or metallic heels. As long as your footwear is doing the talking, you’ll be on to a winner.

Use jewellery to elevate your look

When you’re putting your look together for the races, don’t be afraid to have fun with jewellery. Anyone can put on a dress and shoes but pulling everything together with some sparkling accessories is an art, and it will truly help to take your look to the next level.

Statement earrings are very on-trend at the moment, so choosing a pair that complements your dress will show that you know a thing or two about fashion. Tassel earrings are particularly popular, and they look incredible whether you decide to have your hair down or in an up-do. You can find a whole host of statement earrings from luxury brands at Farfetch. They come from top designers such as Marni, Versace, and Miu Miu.

Go all out with your hat or fascinator

Race-day fascinators
Race-day fascinators

If you’ve been to the races before, you’ll know that the hat and fascinator competition tends to be pretty strong. So, if you really want to stand out, you have to go for something that’s eye-catching and totally unique.

Because most of us don’t don race-day hats on a regular basis, a lot of women tend to go for small fascinators in neutral colours like black or champagne. But these won’t do if you truly want to make a statement. Instead, I would recommend going for a brightly coloured accessory that’s beautifully embellished. To truly impress your friends, you could even arrange to have one made bespoke to complement your dress.

Carrie Jenkinson is a milliner known for her stunning headwear. She offers a whole host of ready-to-wear race-day fascinators, or you can commission a design that’s unique to you.

Dressing up for race day should be a lot of fun. But if you want to stand out, it can take some planning too. Making a statement with your accessories is one of the best ways to ensure you look your best and receive plenty of compliments throughout the day. Take my tips on board and you’ll be sure to have a race day to remember.

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