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Agata Adjadj
Agata Adjadj – Enhancing the beauty and the spirit of a living space

“My work is about enhancing the beauty and the spirit of a living space as well as reflecting the soul and the values of my client, to create an esthetic and stylish environment within which one feels great to live. I see my job as delivering on this promise”.

Agata Adjadj is an “interior stylist” or “interior decorator”, as she preferred to be call, because this defines her approach.

Agata was born in Geneva, where she studied International Politics, and Management. She began her career in banking, in the human resources. This environment made her travel continuously, Switzerland, Europe and the Middle East, and made her understand human behavior and aspirations.

This experience, combined with a strong vision of space and colors, made her the great interior designer that she is right now. She respects the values of those who trusts her by proposing to them inviting bespoke atmospheres, which are original, elegant, comfortable and warm. This ability to transform any interior space into a well living area is innate.

In fact her passion began during her adolescence, where she constant adapt and change her home for any needs. She was always encouraged to pursue in her dream by her family, and all the visitor who have asked her any advise for their home.

And this is how her job has started, with a cool, chic, and elegant eye. Creating stylish, yet authentic interiors that enable comfortable and easy living, to reflect the client’s lifestyle. So she started her career, and in addition to expand her technical knowledge, she attended Chelsea College for Art and Design in London, from where she gets a degree.

Her Italian origins reflects in her works, mixed with Asian, American, and Middle-East culture, which transform any décor or space, into art. Blending elegance, functionality and fun, with a touch of glamour, is her philosophy, as to reflect the client’s lifestyle. She offers a bro- ad spectrum of services, whether you simply need advice choosing new colour schemes, or redecorating a room, or more complex projects.

Assisting you in make you living space into a happiness moment when you cross the doorstep, it is the most important part of her job.

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