Legacy 500 by Embraer

In addition to a wide array of leathers and fabrics from which to choose, Embraer has added numerous places for the personal touch – a choice of metal trim around the bulkhead-mounted 17-inch standard video monitors, similar choices of trim along the side ledges – chrome, gold, pewter. Also available is leather inlay on the inside of the side ledge storage areas in the owner’s choice of colors. These are choices that allow a customer to further personalize the interior.

The cabin management and entertainment systems are Honeywell’s Ovation Select. The high-fidelity audio features surround sound and dual Blu-ray players provide 1080p high-definition video. Ovation Select offers input for devices that include HDMI, USB, RCA, VGA and 3.5 mm mini-jacks, making it compatible with most consumer electronics, including Apple TV, the Mac mini, iPads and iPhones. Options include Wi-Fi, Inmarsat and Iridium satellite communication. Apps are available that will allow agnostic interface with any personal device, allowing smartphones and tablets of any band to serve as cabin management and entertainment controls.


The cabinetry and monuments are supplied in a variety of fine wood veneers or composite piano black, while the lavatory and galley reveal true granite veneer flooring. Interior pressurization is fully automatic, gradually lowered as the aircraft climbs, halting at a comfortable pressurization equivalent of 6,000 foot mountain top. Flush with the valence, a long, sleek “tech panel” of black glass runs fore and aft. It contains embedded in the glass over each seat a touch-screen containing a variable intensity LED reading light and aircraft tracking digital display.When not activated, the screen is an invisible part of the tech panel. To trigger the screen, the passenger need only make a gesture to activate an embedded motion sensor. Six inches of seat side tracking extends the passenger’s personal comfort zone. All the seats include a swivel feature. In the eight-place, double-club standard seating configuration, facing seats recline and combine to present full-flat berthing for four. In full-flat position, head-rests are removed and the armrests drop down to add space and comfort. The base of each seat is inset approximately 6 inches from the aisle,allowing more room for movement along the center aisle.


Rather nifty seat options include heating, massage and adjustable lumbar support. Another option is to replace seats in the aft cabin section with three-place, side-facing divans, both FAA-approved for landing and takeoff. The three-place divan also extends to afford yet another sleeping berth. The flexibility of optional divans is made possible by placement of the emergency exit in the lavatory. Light equals space and comfort, and 12 large cabin windows in the Legacy 500 supply plenty of both. One of the more practical examples is a full-size lavatory window. Equally important, they are positioned adjacent to seats, and high enough that passengers no longer develop a stick neck trying to see outside.



Not only does the lavatory have its own window, but there is an abundance of functional and comfortable features. The mirror is large and hinged so that it can be positioned to fit the passenger, from small to tall. The water runs in hot and cold, and there is ample storage in the vanity cabinet as well as an electrical outlet for razors or hair dryers. In the category of function, the high-capacity toilet is vacuum-flushed and serviced from outside the airplane. Belted, the lavatory seatis approved for an additional passenger on takeoff and landing. The forward galley, with hot and cold water and four-gallon reservoir, is a triumph of form and function, across from the passenger door. The counter space is generous, and choice of appliances includes coffee- or espresso-maker, refrigerator, and microwave and convection ovens. There is a large catering tray compartment, an ice bin and trash stowage. A compact master touch-screen cabin control unit is top-mounted in the galley cabinet, as is the dual Blu-ray DVD player.

In the end, at $20 million, the midsize Legacy 500 is $7 million to $9 million less than competition in the super- midsize category. More importantly, the Legacy 500 compares favorably with larger super-midsize business jets in terms of cabin size, high-speed cruise, and technology. With a 3,000 nautical mile range, the Legacy 500 flies four passengers from London to Dubai, nonstop.




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