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Private jets, on the face of it, are a hassle-free luxury. But dig a little deeper and you discover that, while aircraft have become increasingly luxurious, the means of booking them has remained far from hassle-free.

The concept of having an aircraft entirely at your disposal was developed with efficiency in mind; to get travellers across the world as quickly as possible. And it’s true that, once booked, private jets provide a seamless means of getting from A to B. No airport queues; no waiting in line to pass through security; no hassle.

Yet the traditional means of booking a private jet has not changed in 50 years. The reality of the industry is one riddled with inefficiencies and wastage, and one that has struggled to attract new customers, due to its old-fashioned ways.

Whereas aggregators like Skyscanner and Expedia make it easy to book seats on commercial aircraft, the nature of private jet travel – in that it offers a bespoke service – brings with it the need to calculate the cost of every potential flight from scratch. Fliers are therefore at the mercy of brokers, who will put their flight requests out to a small network of aircraft operators. The most experienced aircraft operator will take around 20 minutes to return each quote, followed by negotiation with your broker if you’re not happy with the prices you receive. It’s a laborious and time-consuming process; far from hassle-free.

What’s more, operators can often be reticent to provide quotes to first-time fliers, since the risk of the flight not being taken up is higher than a regular private jetsetter. The result has been a slowly ageing customer base across private aviation, with the industry struggling to attract new and younger audiences.

Jonny Nicol, a freelance commercial (and former military) pilot with an expertise of computer science, is the man who can be credited with solving this problem. Realising that inefficiencies were holding back the industry, Nicol set out to build a technology that would streamline the quoting process.

The result? Stratajet.

Boasting revolutionary technology that makes upwards of 2.5 million calculations in mere seconds, Stratajet gives control back to the flier. Passengers are able to compare accurate costs for all aircraft available for their journey – not just two or three like most brokers – see the details of specific aircraft and book instantly. By giving fliers direct access to the private jet marketplace, Stratajet has made it easier than ever before to get from A to B, while the accuracy of the pricing means customers won’t be stung with any additional charges post-flight.

Knowing that an impeccable level of customer service is a must to customers who expect the very best from their travel experience, Stratajet also employs a round-the-clock, dedicated customer service team that works with its passengers to customise any element of their flight.




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