Dine In Style On Your Private Jet

Flying private means you are in charge of the menu. From fine dining in the air to a guilty pleasure you can’t do without, there are no gastronomic limits to what your next journey could bring.

Whether celebrating a special occasion or travelling for business, flying private means you are in control of the menu and can enjoy your favourites at 40,000 feet – and explore some new and interesting flavours before you touch down. With stories of the rich and famous indulging in elaborate and unusual culinary creations, it’s time to explore how a true culinary concierge surpasses even the best commercial first class dining options.


The umami flavours of mushrooms work especially well at altitude

Daniel Hulme from On Air Dining has a team of 50 people focused on both sourcing the finest (and most unique) ingredients, and chefs making sure they come together to create meals that both suit eating at altitude, and meet any specific dietary requirements. Responding to individual needs and tastes, On Air Dining cuisine is truly bespoke, and by working with the best producers and Michelin-starred chefs their meals always hit the mark.


The meat is sourced from Dedham Vale, and cooked to retain moisture and flavour at altitude

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As everyone knows, inflight food requires some careful consideration to produce flavours that work in the air. Meats can dry out and flavours that on the ground pack a punch can taste bland. Using meat from Dedham Vale an emphasis is placed on less lean cuts so dishes remain moist, with lean game cuts rarely served – unless of course asked for. And it’s not just the choice of cut that produces the best – cattle are taken to milking age and encouraged to move around in pastures planted with wild garlic and sheep are kept in orchards to roam free.


Specialists in caviar, King’s Fine Food has been supplying caviar for over 12 years

The same consideration carries through to the seafood on offer. Instead of sea bass, On Air Dining opt for stone bass knowing it tastes better at altitude, and when it comes to caviar they only use the best, the same King’s Caviar found at Harrods.

Sustainability is also high on the agenda, so you won’t see blue fin tuna on the menu. Line caught fish is generally sourced and if foie gras is requested the more humane duck variety is offered. Couple this with local ingredients that are in season, and the great taste offered comes at a lower environmental price.


Fish is sustainable and line caught is always preferred 

Not a meat or fish eater? Not a problem. As numbers shunning both swell, there are extensive vegetarian and vegan options available, all of which can be tailored with no dish or product too hard to source. Watching what you eat? Not a problem either, and whether its low carb, low sugar, diabetic-friendly, muscle gain – or if you’re avoiding nightshade vegetables – you’ll be able to stick to your on-the-ground routine without the slightest of blips. On Air Dining also prides itself on its halal-certified kitchens at Stansted and Farnborough and can also source kosher meals with ease.


The team is always working on new developments and can cater to any request

On Air Dining however can go much further than just making sure your culinary and dietary needs are met, with meals that taste as good as the fare offered by the world’s best restaurants always available. Whether it’s making sure your favourite biscuits, chocolates, juices, cheese or brand of water is available (they stock 40 varieties but can get others) no request is too much and a recent unusual request included hand-dipped chocolate crickets, produced by On Air Dining themselves. The team are also currently investigating using insect flour for a high protein, vitamin-rich alternative to regular flour, though you might want to stick with the gluten-laden variety for now.


Sit back, relax and enjoy a gastronomic feast

Next time you fly, experience true bespoke inflight dining. Without the need to settle for the limitations of even the best commercial offerings, why not celebrate in style with a unique cake or themed food for a special birthday or anniversary, stag or hen night, Halloween or 4th of July – or make the most of another level of refreshment to make sure that next business meeting in the clouds is a resounding success.

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