Blending Art into Luxury – A New Way of Branding?

There are more and more rising luxury boutique hotels in big cities in China, and they all share a common feature – varies of artistic themes. You may find the waterfall when entering into the spa of Emperor Qianmen Hotel in Beijing, or may encounter giant vases when you stepping into the lobby of Nuo in Jingdezhen, home of Chinese porcelain. Can art and luxury both be promoted in concordance?

From the point of Chinese artist Bingyi, one of the team behind the design of Emperor 

Hotel, there are sumptuous collaborations of art and hotel today in China. This is a remarkable way to stress out the culture significance. On the other hand, according to Nuo’s general manager Adrian Rudin, as luxury become a general prospect in China, art plays an essential role in helping new enterprise being extraordinary from ordinary luxury. For the professionals in hotel industry in China, this concept seems quite important for creating “international luxury Chinese brand” in hotel industry.

However, the balance between art and luxury is an important issue for branding. Peter York, who’s the advisor for many large luxury enterprises, suggests that large investment in art works for a crowded luxury hotel market, but the risks of making money, promoting brand and spending time on stressing the culture significance to the right degree cannot be ignored too. No matter what kind of investment those Chinese hotels enterprises willing to do, they surely have good prospect on the spending power of those consumers lodged in artistic luxury hotels.

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