Top 5 Wedding Trends and Invitation Spring Open Day on 6th May

The Arabian Tent Company are holding an open invitation to their Sussex Spring Open Day on 6thMay.

Come and see their tents in all their glory and discover why everyone’s talking about the new ‘Greenery’ trend which will be creatively showcased in their Oyster Pearl tent to give you heaps of inspiration for your big day.

Tent flaps fly open from 12 noon to 5 pm, enjoy a glass of prosecco, listen to some music and enjoy wonderful floral workshops all under the canopy of the Oyster Pearl tent.

Postcode is Rye Farm, Hollands Lane, BN5 9QY, email for directions or feel free to drop in on the day.

Here at The Arabian Tent Company we know a thing or two about weddings, having organised a good few of them every year, and what with talking to brides and grooms year-round about their ideas, inspirations and dreams and then helping to turn them into reality, we get quite a good idea of what is in and what is out!

Combine that with observations made by our Industry-insider friends and we take a look at the Top 5 Trends you’ll be seeing at weddings in 2017


Greenery is Pantone’s colour of the year, and the colour that every wedding is rocking! Known as its official name as 15-0343 Greenery, it speaks of a fresh and zesty yellow-green shade and symbolic of new beginnings. It represents our desire to get in touch with our authentic selves again by surrounding ourselves with nature, natural materials and the people we love.

Think huge tumbling foliage installations in the ceiling, foliage tie-backs and Astroturf bars, or even using the green grass as the floor for your marquee.

Counterbalance this with using soft voile fabric and fairy lights to create a magical midsummer night’s dream effect.

Stunning chairs

Chair designs have developed somewhat since the gilt banqueting variety of the 80’s as people have realised how they can make or break a look inside a marquee. 2017 is the year of the cross-backed chair, and these Hamptons-style oak cross back chairs add an air of rustic elegance to any marquee.

Or try the timeless classic, the Chiavari chair looks great when draped in chiffon white, or even with foliage added for the top table!

Pimp your Drink!

Going hand in hand with encouraging more interactivity, a ‘Pimping your Prosecco’ bar, or otherwise known as a ‘Mimosa Bar’ means you can set up the bar and let your guests design their own drinks!

And with no past cocktail experience required, setting up a ‘Pimp Your Prosecco’ bar can add another interesting element to your wedding. We love these little mason jars with hand written labels and a hessian board.

 You’ll need Prosecco, fruit and fruit juice plus various types of bowls and pitchers. Go to town on the décor, whilst incorporating your theme, and leave instructions to guests on what to do!


Industrial Chic


Giving décor an edgy element with the use of traditionally utilitarian materials – think scaffolding tables, pallet furniture and hessian covers.  This look works beautifully because of the contrast of textures – using furs on the rustic wooden pallet furniture.

And with an ever-increasing number of industrial inner-city spaces opening up for private hire, it’s easier than ever to find a venue that’s fit for transformation.


Dangling Décor


Credit: Light Trick Photography:

Suspended floral and décor accents add an instant wow factor.

Hanging décor encourage guests to look above eye level – perfect if you are drawing attention to high ceilings. If you are hanging florals, remember they may start to wilt over more than a couple of days so make sure these are one of the last things you do in preparation for the big day!

The Arabian Tent Company are holding an OPEN DAY on the 6th May at BN5 9QY.

Open Day link:


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