Sarah Haywood: The Wedding Planner

Sarah Haywood is one of the most sought-after wedding planners for the richest people in the world.

She has organised weddings for Fortune 500 businessmen, princesses, and popstars, who spend millions of pounds on just one day. One client even spent around £4 million ($6.1 million) on their very special day.

Most women have a fantasy wedding pre-organised from an early age, but I have never been one of them. Despite having a huge imagination, this is just one subject that I have not remotely imagined. Not a single thing. Unlike many who get overly excited on the planning, I do not, and feel that by writing this article about Sarah Haywood. I have never done the imaginary thing on what one will wear, who will be invited or who will not.

Sarah Haywood and her entourage goes another step to help the couple by assisting with a full concierge service. She does this by providing assistance with guest accommodation and, if need be, also arrange a personalised wedding website. Sarah Haywood planned her first wedding fifteen years ago as a sideline to her broadcasting journalism. She now has an international career from top selling Wedding Bible Books, Wedding Advice Columns to the Wedding Planner.

The Wedding Planner is the first mobile phone application and has not stopped Sarah Haywood on the seamless confetti flurry of love and all things nice. Not surprisingly given the vast and varied clientele, from John Smith or Jane Doe to the socialites and celebrities, Sarah Haywood has gained a massive reputation for lifestyle, luxury and bespoke weddings.

The Royal Wedding

She has been in many features across the broadcasting industry and journalism publications. In 2010, Sarah Haywood was recognised for ‘inspiring women of outstanding achievement in their field’ achieving the Business ICON at the Pink Shoe Icon Awards presented, at London’s House of Commons. She holds a graduate degree in Classics from the University of Warwick and a WSET International Higher Certificate in Wines & Sprits. Further, she is a Trustee of Helen & Douglas House hospices for children and young people.

She was the ‘Wedding Expert’ to ‘His Royal Highness, Prince William the Duke of Cambridge, and his bride to be Catherine ‘Kate’ Middleton.’ Sarah became CNN’s wedding expert for their live simulcast from Buckingham Palace on their wedding day. Time Magazine states ‘Shades of Diana’s Legacy at the Royal Wedding’ which given the mirror images, in certain aspects, of the royal couples wedding could be an accurate description and may have been the intent of Prince William. However, we cannot verify this but one cannot help but draw parallels between the two weddings.

Sarah’s business offers prospective fiancés venues and suppliers that reflect the type of celebration they require within the budget. As the 47th Vice President of the United States of America, Joe Biden said, ‘Don’t tell me what you value, show me your budget, and I’ll tell you what you value.’ Last minute event management costs from £8,000 ($12,800) whilst a private consultation with Sarah costs from £3,000 ($4,800). One unnamed client is reputedly spent around £4 million ($6.1 million) on their very special day.

Sarah Haywood and her team act as consultants for the couple’s designs, flowers, stationary, food, photography and entertainment. They can arrange the wedding day attire, transportation and the honeymoon. Sarah and her entourage also provide ‘assistance with guest accommodation’ and, if need be, also ‘arrange a personalised wedding website’ with the customary ‘stylists and make-up artists ever on hand’, enabling that all can look ravishingly beautiful and handsome. Unlike bigger companies that offer these type of services, Sarah purposely only takes on a maximum of five clients at one time, ensuring that the client gets the best value of services and products.

5% of the money is spent on the ceremony and transport, 8% on all flowers, 10% on photography and/or videography, 12% on wedding attire – this normally includes the dress or suit, 15% on everything else and 45% of the total budget should be spent on wedding reception like the venue, food, and drink.

Over the past twelve months, Sarah has planned weddings from Azerbaijan to St Tropez. Recent clientele are plenty and not difficult to cite, most of which are among the world’s wealthiest people, including an unknown American billionaire who got married on a Scottish Island or Jay Chou, a Taiwanese pop star who held his wedding in Yorkshire in 2015.

Despite the travelling for the job, Sarah has based her business in London, which she contends to having ‘the highest concentration of high-net worth individuals in the world.’ Sarah concludes that whatever one decides to do, ‘You need to have a passion, vision, talent and determination to be business savvy’, and ‘you also need a little bit of luck’. So with all that in mind, I remain hopeful that the passing statement can ring an accord with others facing a similar situation.

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