A Guide To Choosing The Perfect Ring


Here’s the Dolce Vita guide to ensuring you buy the perfect wedding ring. It may be the smallest part of your wedding day but you will look at your wedding ring every day for the rest if your life, so we reckon its pretty important to get it right. Buying something so significant online can be daunting but here we have collated all the advice I give to couples visiting my studio so all bases are covered:

The Basics:

According to British tradition your wedding ring is worn on your left hand on the finger next to your pinky with your engagement ring on top. With so many styles and sizes available its impossible for us to keep everything in stock so each wedding ring is made to order and can take up to 8 weeks so please leave enough time before your wedding date.

Sizing Your Finger:

This is a tough one to work out on your own so once you have ordered I will post you a set of our ring sizers. Many people’s fingers swell at different times of the day or if you are warm so size your finger both in the morning, middle of the day and evening. Remember you won’t necessarily be taking this ring off so as long as it is comfortable once its on it doesn’t matter that it is a bit tight going over your knuckle.

Choosing the Right Metal:

My wedding rings are available in 9 carat (ct) yellow, white and rose gold, 18ct yellow, white and rose gold, platinum and palladium. Wedding rings don’t tend to be made in silver as it is a softer metal which might not stand up to so much ware.

We recommend matching the metal of your engagement ring and wedding ring. All metals have different densities so a harder metal like platinum would wear away the likes of gold which is slightly softer. However the same karat of white gold and yellow gold would be fine together.You can identify the carat by looking at the hallmarks on the inside of the ring. The hallmark for 9ct gold is 375 and for 18ct gold is 750. This is the same for all colours of gold.18ct gold is more expensive than 9ct because there is twice as much gold within the alloy. This makes it harder and gives it a richer colour.

White gold has a higher quantity of palladium and silver in the alloy which gives it a warm grey colour. When you buy a white gold ring on the high street it will almost always be rhodium plated. This covers up the white gold itself and gives the metal a whiter finish more like platinum. Rhodium plating needs to be replenished every few years at a cost of about £20. Rose gold has a higher level of copper in the alloy which gives it a warm rosy colour.Platinum is the hardest of the used and is silvery grey in colour. Palladium is relatively new to the jewellery world with it only being added to the legal hallmarking act in 2009. A less dense member of the platinum family, palladium has a similar silvery white appearance.

The Shape of Your Ring:

Think about the width and profile of the band of your engagement ring, sometimes (not always) it’s nice to match this with your wedding ring. Some engagement rings don’t have space for a wedding ring to sit directly alongside it.



« The Jeweller of High Tradition since 1613 »

Mellerio is the ultimate reference, the benchmark for Jewellery making in the Occidental world. With more than four centuries of experience, Mellerio is also the oldest Jewellery House in the world. Its unique heritage, consistent for the past fifteen generations, has made Mellerio the true symbol of High Tradition jewellery.

This tradition, which lives on today, has been perpetuated throughout history and embraced by European Royalty and great aristocratic families of the 17th century. Their loyalty is a tribute to the aesthetic quality of Mellerio’s stones and creations.

Mellerio has always shown audacity and mastery over time with myriad styles and influences that include Gothic, Romantic, Naturalist, Eclectic, Art Nouveau, Art and Art Déco elements. Creative foresight has been a key strength.

The house also excels in specialized craftsmanship that reflects historic periods and produces the perfect jewels for special events, sentiments, portraits, and any occasion that requires an elegant and thoughtful touch. Our creations include outstanding silverware collections.

The vision of natural flora in our creations, devoid of any excess styling, places the jewellery pieces in a range of nearly organic creations. The invariant jewels with themes such as couture or animals with a particular predilection for the peacock – are characterised by a delicate and subtle approach, creating extremely graceful and pure pieces.

The craftsmen, whose expertise and experience is unparalleled, operate in a discrete workshop on the Rue de la Paix. They work with exceptional stones and consistently enhance their inventive techniques, many of which are patented: convertible jewellery as early as 1930, mobile and detachable stems in 1954, the use of platinum in 1855 and all kinds of enamels … up to the « Mellerio Cut » in 2005.

Mellerio has always shown audacity and mastery over time with myriad styles and influences that include Gothic, Romantic, Naturalist, Eclectic, Art Nouveau, Art and Art Déco elements. Creative foresight has been a key strength.

But beyond the recognised styles and techniques – making Mellerio the key player of the history of jewellery – the sense of tradition of our craftsmen is reflected in the authencity and integrity of their work. Thus, Mellerio is present at each important moment in the lives of our highly respected clients, who generation after generation have been treated with the utmost care and discretion.

At Mellerio, the meaning of « bespoke » is in the truest sense of the word. Not just vanity, but also reality. Our craftsmen adapt their creations meticulously and work from the simplest requests to the most extraordinary orders. They execute many special orders, which have illustrated the history of the company and have been registered in numerous historic archives.

Commitment and continuity are the values that make Mellerio a unique and incomparable actor that refuses to conform to the industrialisation of the jewellery industry. Still independent, with a firm determination to remain that way, Mellerio is continuing its expansion but is still, more than ever, the most exclusive brand. We strive to preserve this unique dimension, a humble and proud jewellery house that aims to offer its best at all times and for all clients.

Above all, Mellerio stands for fine artistic craftsmanship. It represents the height of elegance, refinement, and beauty. Now and forever.



Made to measure


The demand for personalized products is booming in all markets, from cars to high jewellery. Most leading jewellery brands abandoned bespoke as a standard service to all customers. Mellerio is now the only jeweller of the Place Vendôme to offer a custom-made service to all of its clients. Bespoke jewellery has been a key activity of Mellerio since its creation in 1613.

At Mellerio, craftsmen work every day on manufacturing the most exquisite creations in the workshop, situated above the historical store, 9 rue de la Paix in Paris. Each step from design to fabrication is carried out by the workshop, including the bespoke jewellery, which is the traditional activity of Mellerio. In 2014, bespoke jewellery represented 75% of Mellerio’s total flagship sales.

Mellerio is renowned worldwide for its unique know how:

  • An expertise in exceptional gemstones.
  • A unique jeweller signature
  • A bespoke service for an attractive pricing

Find out more at www.mellerio.fr full

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