Olho de Lince

Adérito Alcarpe, was born in Angola and moved to Portugal with his parents when he was two years old.

At the present is living in Vila Nova de Gaia, a city near Porto. With a degree in electrical engineering, worked for several years in the glass, car parts and food industry in Ireland and Portugal, and also as trainer in Angola before starting Olho de Lince Design. He is dedicated to humanitarian causes, helping to found a new Lions Club in Angola and is a member of the Lions Club Vila Nova de Gaia.



What led you to start making furniture? 

We used to make (and still do) custom work for architects and sculptors, and one day decided to make some experiments with our own designs. We showed them to some close friends and interior designers, which were very interested in the designs, so we started our line of furniture.

I see most of your work is done in metal, why is that? 

Well, we have a strong background in casting bronze and brass, so when we decided to start our own line of furniture, it seemed natural to use mainly metal, but at the moment we are incorporating more and more different materials in our creations. Some of our more recent creations are a mix of metal, glass, wood, and fabrics. Sometimes a simple change in fabrics can alter all the perspective of a piece. Also we do many experiments with different patinas, which alter the colour and character of the piece. In the future we plan to use even more exotic materials!



We can see many unusual shapes in your work, that we aren’t used to see. Is that your trade mark or things just happen that way when you are designing a new piece of furniture?

We work with shapes that seem to gain their own life, and most of the time we only do minor changes to the original design we had in mind. We don’t like to have constraints when designing a new piece of furniture. We try to always do things differently, and in the creation process we start from the basic traditional shape and transform it in a work of art completely different from what we are used to see.

A good example would be our armchair “Emperor”. We started from the basic concept of an armchair and cast our vision, our concept of how should be an armchair with its own character and identity.



And what projects do you have planned for the future?

At the moment we are working in some projects for important clients which asked us some ideas with our vision in decoration for luxury residential projects and hotels. Also we are preparing the launch of a new line, with a very distinct feel from the one we presently have.



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