Interior Design Trends 2017: Top Tips From The Experts

When Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2017 rocked the design world last December, 2017 asserted itself as an exciting year for interior design before it had even begun. Eager to stay ahead, The LuxPad asked 25 experts for their opinions on what will dominate this year’s interiors. Some experts believe we’ll reconnect with natural materials over the next 12 months, while others are particularly looking forward to the rich and varied patterns we’ll be seeing in our homes. Read on to discover more on-trend interior inspiration from the following categories:


Earthy colours are set to become increasingly popular in 2017: powdery pink, terracotta, sand, ochre, cinnamon, rust, olive green. They provide a great way to introduce subtle colour into muted schemes, so they work brilliantly in minimalist, Scandinavian-inspired homes where brighter shades might jar. They’re both warming and calming, and they look wonderful offset against neutrals. They’re incredibly versatile, too: you could start small by introducing a few earth-coloured ceramics, or go bolder and paint the walls. 

Abi Dare – These Four Walls

In the coming year of 2017 we will see more rich jewel tones . I’ve been slowly seeing it over the past several months with Bohemian style. These jewel tones will go hand in hand with the soft pastel colors. Vibrant greens, purples and ruby reds mixed with soft pinks and blues. A mixture of romance and Bohemian.

Anne Payetta – White Lace Cottage

In 2017 I think there’ll be a trend to move into designing your home in upbeat colours as I think people are becoming more colour conscious and increasingly aware of how this can affect the mood of the house. I also think there will be a pressing drive from consumers for sustainable, eco-friendly interiors. Also, I feel there will be a heightened drive for supporting smaller independent designers as, encouragingly, everyone is looking for the bespoke story behind the product.

Mairi Wilks – Mairi Helena

The interior design industry is not immune to the deep crisis the world is facing right now though it has its very own way of expressing itself. I see this happening in two directions: Introspection on one side with the desire for darker and intense colors that express luxury and a self indulgence attitude and on the other side a careless approach about aesthetics where the most important aim is how to make environments “fun”; this will be achieved through the use of technology bringing to the fore a techno-kitsch style.  

Diego Correa – Diego Correa Interior Design

There seems to be an ongoing demand for darker interior which makes me believe that deep muted hues will be even more popular in 2017. Teal, dusty pink, deep blue and burnt orange are some of the shades that will be seen even more around. Combined with rich plush textiles like velvet and matched with sleek woods and warm metals they create a sophisticated luxurious ambiance that rocks the senses.

Eleni Psyllaki – My Paradissi 

Watercolours – I have just returned from a month in the USA and saw SO many items from hand cream tubes to book covers to tea towels in beautifully painted watercolour patterns. I love that watercolours aren’t as structured as other art pieces, the colours all blend beautifully together and form a slightly romantic and feminine look. Keep an eye out for these making their way onto bed linen and scatter cushions too.

Emma Blomfield

2017 is a year for the bold. Go bold or go home, or, bring bold in to your home. Liven up minimalistic living spaces with some ‘out there’ statement pieces. Whether it be large geometric prints, tapestry tiles or anything botanical. Maybe not all together though…Now that would be BOLD. 

Gemma Gear, That’s so Gemma


In 2017 people will display a more conscientious approach to consumerism, preferring more quality solutions and natural materials. Plants are going to be the must-have decoration for the house and they will inspire the colour palette for wall paint together with Africa (ochre, rust, burgundy). Wood will be widely used, counterbalanced by materials like marble and plexiglass. The Nineties are back with velvet, geometric shapes and tartans.

Elena Giavarini – Plus Deco Blog

In contrast to the perfect finishes, hi-gloss and super shiny metallics that were ubiquitous this year, 2017 will welcome some deconstructed luxe.  Think exposed brickwork, the use of cement and blown plaster finishes, the pairing of metals with raw, natural materials such as cork, wood and clay. This first-fix aesthetic combines relaxed edges with a nod to industrialism.

Fiona Crisp – Styleophile UK 

For me, 2017 will be marked by a turn to our senses. More than ever before we will want to experience our home with all our senses. In times of an overly digital lifestyle, with sleek surfaces on smartphones and tablets, we desire to use our senses and feel our home. Tactile surfaces will evoke haptic discoveries. Our senses will once again determine the essence of the home – the cosiness and comfort of a warm nest where we can reduce the pace of our lifestyle, recharge and refocus. It is the feeling of coming home that will find its materialization in interior design.

Igor Josifovic – Happy Interior Blog

My two big tips for 2017 trends in interiors are ‘blue’ and ‘velvet’. There will be so much blue about in ceramics and other homeware items. Blue velvet sofas and armchairs will also be everywhere! Brass with triumph over copper, marble will still be a thing, and pineapples and flamingos will be replaced by parrots and a more grown up safari look.

Melanie Lissack – Melanie Lissack Interiors 

Recently we all are experiencing a growing desire to reconnect with nature. The Pantone choice for Colour of the Year 2017 confirmed it too. I expect this feeling to coincide with our design and home decor in 2017. Expect to see a lot of wood as a main material, but perhaps with a super smooth finish. Combine this with white and metallic details and these materials are the ones to watch next year. 

Alessandra Barlassina – Gucki

Fabric & Pattern

2016 saw a resurgence of wonderful vintage moments such as raw wood, leather bound books and nostalgic fabrics and finishings. 2017 promises to narrow down the looks to specific periods that were important in the world of design. For example, in my new luxury textile collection, Kenn Gray Home for Sarah Strader, our handpainted fabrics are a direct nod to the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s with rich colourations printed with art nouveau inspired patterns and some with a mid-century vibe, all remaining relevant and current to meld seamlessly with today’s looks.

Kenn Gray – Kenn Gray Home

Luxury is something the Brits excel at. 2017 will see more of the wonderful work from both existing furniture brands such as Linley, Pinch and Benchmark, and also from exciting new designers such as Tom Rowley and Sebastian Cox. You can expect enduring luxury too from fabric companies such as Harris Tweed, Rapture and Wright, Lewis and Wood and Nikk-Jones Home.

Charis White

2017 is getting its 70s groove on, and will turn into a year full of contradictions in pattern, texture and colour.  Large scale geometric furniture pieces in glamorous ‘bold gold’ and black are featuring, and gold, brass and burnished metals will be seen this year.  There is a huge contrast in fabric textures and new collections are awash with plush velvets, raw and organic linens, and ethereal sheers.  Colour is bold and sensuous with beautiful deep green and plum hues being this year’s hits but with earthy browns, corals, terracottas and pops of Schiaparelli pink all in the mix. There is a polarity in wallcoverings with both industrial finishes – like rust, cement and burnished metal, going up against large-scale botanicals.  And finally, accessories will be luxurious and hand crafted, with North African and Indian influences, but with a personal edge implying travels to far flung places. 

Sarah Barclay – Barclay Interiors

2017 is all about velvet, and velvet on velvet. A blush pink sofa with raspberry velvet cushion. Velvet is casual or formal, always elegant, cozy in winter and cool in summer. Like fine wine, it gets better as it ages! 

Christina Haire – Christina Haire Interior Design

We have been seeing so much more pattern and detail when it comes to tile and we will continue to see that trend in 2017.  Expect geometric patterns, vintage feel patterns, colours, and random patterns that can be used in a variety of applications. A punch of patterned tile is the perfect way to add interest and depth to any new space or renovation! When it comes to trends, white kitchens have made their come back, but black may be the new white!  Expect 2017 to bring dark matte cabinet colours into trend. Everything from deep navy and dark emerald green to black charcoal!

Jennifer Woch – House of J Interior Design

Art Deco will have a huge impact in 2017 through bold wallpaper and statement lighting. Jungle inspired animal prints will replace tropical flamingos and pineapples. Teal, mustard and lush greens, inspired by Pantone’s colour of the year will be really popular. Cacti and succulents will continue to be the plants of choice and we’ll see copper being replaced by gold and brass. Finally we see textures being a big theme, as shown by some new and exciting quilted pieces we’ve got coming soon. So watch this space!

Jacquie Dunton – Sweetpea & Willow

Room Design

Designers will be creating environments and products with a strong focus on the quality of the user experience. I call it ‘experiential design’ that is artful, poetic and memorable. Light-shifting luminaires and tactile LED wallcoverings that come alive with human touch, and atmospheric spaces that tap into the emotion of the audience will be at the pulse of design in 2017.

Regina Sturrock – Regina Sturrock Design

2017 will be a good year to start a collection – while not something new, it is certainly trending. Artisanal pieces in ceramics are a good way to start a new collection or grow an existing one. One-off pieces can be presented individually or in groups of three or more on a bookcase, a sideboard or on your desk, depending on size. They also make excellent gifts.

Jenny Kakoudakis – Seasons in Colour

My trend for next year is to inspire your own trend. At the same time, add some pieces from current trends of the year. You’ll have then a collection of more timeless pieces that will last forever. One colour that for me always stays in trend is yellow. Combining yellow with the Pantone Colour of the year 2017, Greenery, would be a beautiful combination.

Hubertienne A. Ricardo-Decaster – JenPEN Creative Studio

I predict a more eclectic approach to interiors for 2017 with an organic grown over time feel, mixing favourite older possessions with newly acquired accessories and investment/statement pieces. I expect to see Art Deco influences with hints of Hollywood Glamour to create a grown up, sophisticated Boho vibe. Expect lots of gold, velvet (in jewelled colours) And safari inspired accessories. Think Jeeves & Wooster meets Adina Monsoon.

Rachel Edmonds – Newtons Furniture 

2017 is about pairing back, thoughtfulness and seeking history.  We will see a greater mix of classic and traditional with simplicity and modern, sleek furniture.  2016’s pace of change and anger has caused so much internal chaos that our homes will reflect the peace we are seeking.

Shaynna Blaze

As we move into 2017 we are beginning to see the recent preferences for vintage, upcycling, earthy colours being replaced with something more self-assured. A trend towards personalising some of the more bland new apartments and new builds that people have to buy into is developing. We predict the return of patterned flooring, both carpets and tiles; a continuation of using bolder brighter colours; and a return to more individualistic designs. Some of these are even reminiscent of the eighties, with more glamourous window treatments re-appearing in the form of London blinds, swags and tails.

Hilary White – Hilary J White Interior Design

The design styles of the ‘60s and ‘70s will feature strongly in the 2017 interiors. At this year’s Milan furniture exhibition, the designers influence from the colours, shapes and materials of the mid-century era was clearly evident. The retro vibe won’t be restricted to furniture but will include lighting and accessories inspired by iconic retro designs.

Anna van Dongen – Space Matters

I think people should follow their hearts and create rooms full of intimacy and meaning. Choosing one off original items that you love and which hold memories is a wonderful way to make sure you smile every time you come home.

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