Alfa Romeo Giulia Sedan Returns In Magnificent Form

Wait For The Alfa Romeo Giulia is over

We are now reporting on the Alfa Romeo Giulia. The long wait is over for petrol heads and Italian car fans alike. The Alfa Romeo Giulia has finally unveiled its 159-saloon successor with the new Alfa Romeo Giulia. The striking new BMW 3 Series rival gets a scorching 503bhp Quadrifoglio variant that hits 0-62mph in 3.9 seconds. It is due to go on sale at the start of 2016.

Prior to starting this project on the Alfa Romeo Giulia, Alfa executives studied the car brand and its history. They asked consumers what they thought the car represented. They concluded that their perspective needed to change when making the Alfa Romeo Giulia, not the brand. Once they realized that the Alfa car was not a mainstream brand, and that it stood for leading Italian engineering and style, they set up a  team of engineers, technicians, and designers to develop the Giulia.

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Picking up where they left off with the Alfa Romeo Giulia:

 One of the reasons for the declina Romeo and its prestigious brand is due to the fact that the company was not productive enough as it only created 4 models compared to Mercedes and BMW which created 18 and 20 models for their car brand. The legendary Italian car brand is ready to offer something a bit more mainstream with the 2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sedan. Unveiled to the press at the Museo Storico Alfa Romeo in Arese in honour of its 105th anniversary, the luxury car brand Alfa Romeo finally decided to launch their new top-of-the-range model. The Alfa Romeo Giulia is the first new model in the car brand’s relaunch plan, which involves a €5 billion investment, an eight car line-up and targets 400,000 sales worldwide by 2018.

The Renaissance with Alfa Romeo Giulia:

To kick off the brands renaissance, Alfa Romeo has redesigned the Romeo Giulia Sedan with fewer elements to make the Alfa Romeo Giulia. The car brand prides itself on five elements of design that set them apart from the rest: distinctive Italian design, such as state-of-the-art, innovative engines; perfect 50/50 weight distribution, unique technical solutions and the best power-to-weight ratio for the luxury car.

The Alfa Romeo Giuliacar design combines elements of the past with a modern look and a sporty stance. The body is draped over the longest wheelbase in the class, but short front and rear overhangs give it a tidy overall length. The hood of the car also has air vents that conform to a V shape that begins with the dominant triangular portion of the trefoil grille.

Carbon fibre is used for the driveshaft, hood, and roof of the Alfa Romeo Giulia, while the doors, mirrors and suspension are aluminium components. An aluminium composite and plastic cross member sheds pounds at the rear, while carbon ceramic brakes save unsprung weight at all four corners of the car. The front suspension is a double wishbone design unique to Alfa Romeo, and a multi-link independent suspension is found at the rear. The car also uses adjustable dampers, mechanical torque vectoring, and an Integrated Brake System that reduces stopping distances. Car brand Alfa Romeo didn’t specify if the steering is electric or hydraulic assist, but it did say that it would be the most direct steering on the market amongst all the luxury cars available.

Gone is the 159’s intricate headlamp design, replaced by large LED units that sweep around to the wheel arches. The trademark Alfa Romeo ‘Treofoil’ V-shaped central grille remains on the car, but underneath are purposeful air intakes and a prominent lip spoiler marking out the Alfa Romeo Giulia as the hot ‘QV’ model in the range. Alfa has turned its car brand to the Prancing Horse for its flagship engine. It’s a 3.0-litre V6 Bi-turbo petrol unit, pumping out an astonishing 503bhp. That’s a full 78bhp more than the BMW M3, and right up with the Mercedes-AMG C63 S class cars. The car is also available with rear or four-wheel drive, a radical departure from the front-wheel drive 156 and 159. The QV is capable of 0-62mph in 3.9 seconds, faster than almost all of its car competitors.

The car brand’s CEO Harald Wester has explained that great efforts have been made to differentiate the Giulia from the dominant German compact executive car crowd. “Premium brands now offer the same thing. New Alfa will put the driver back at the centre [of the car]. Alfa will once again become the perfect fusion of man and machine. Putting the driver at centre stage means they are at the heart of the brand.”

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The interior of the car is also markedly different from that found in the current Giulietta or Mito range. Familiar Alfa car details remain in the cowled instrument dials and chrome ringed ventilation controls, but the swooping dash line and large central screen is all new for the car brand. Sporty features such as carbon-fibre trim throughout and a push-button engine start mark it out from small executive car rivals. The tall centre console is a result of its rear-wheel drive layout.

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